While becoming a wholesale customer with us will entitle you to the highest discounts we offer, we do impose a minimum order amount to open a wholesale account, as well as a minimum amount for all subsequent wholesale orders.

To open a wholesale account, we require an initial purchase of $500.
For all subsequent orders, the minimum is $50.

If you fail to meet the minimum cart total for an order, the order will be cancelled and we will email you with a reminder to create a new order with an appropriate cart total.


  1. Visit our signup page and open a regular account with our store.
  2. Email us at info@dalmaziodesign.com with a scanned copy of your Resale Certificate (ST-120).
  3. Call us at 718-645-4255 to confirm the receipt of your Resale details and customer information.
  4. Make your first wholesale purchase.

We eagerly look forward to your business!
-Dalmazio Design