Why Create A Registry?

What better way to celebrate a special occasion than with all of your favorite people gifting you all of your favorite things! Tying the knot? Celebrating a milestone? Feathering your nest? Register for simply extraordinary gifts for table, kitchen, and home. Or, create your own wish list to drop a hint for birthdays or holidays, or just because. 


Why Dalmazio Design?

As a small business with over 40 years of experience we choose, Experience, Selection and Service. We offer guidance and knowledge with a large selection of services and products we offer great prices and excellent service. 




How To: Create Your own list

Step 1: Click on Create your List, you'll be asked for the type of list you are creating, your name, email address and a password so you can login to your account and make updates as required. 

Step 2: Once your list is created you will be taken to the Dalmazio site to start adding products to your gift list. Browse the site and  when you see an item you would like to add, click on More Info to take you to the product detail page and there you can Add to Registry. 

Step 3: When you have finished adding your items you can go to your list on My Registry site and complete the occasion and shipping information. Your list can now be shared with friends and family!

How to Choose Tableware...

Choosing the right tableware can sometimes feel like a daunting process; making sure you have the pieces that suit your style, the way you eat as a family or entertain, selecting the right pieces that will perform well at home and ensuring you're choosing items that are worth your investment. 

Discover some of the brands we love and add all your favorite items right to your registry from our site with just a click of a button! All with an immediate discount of 20%-50% off when you SIGN UP AND SIGN IN FOR SAVINGS. 
Now your friends and family can purchase Dalmazio Design and brand-name items all at up to 50% off right through your registry when you sign up here!

Dining                                                       Entertaining


Kitchen                                                     Decor 


Make sure you get everything covered!

Click Here to Download our Wedding Planning and Registry Checklist and make sure you have everything you need for your new union.


Our Registry Services and Perks 

We Have The Major Brands and Selection to Help Your Family and Friends Shower You With The Perfect Pieces for Every Future Celebration!

We're A Small Company With BIG Service



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Discover some of the brands we love and add all of your favorite items right from our site to your registry with just the click of a button!