Our story began in 1980 when Gaspare and Carmen Dalmazio saw the need for a service providing the Italian immigrant tradition of "The Bridal Trousseau," or everything a newlywed couple would need to fill their home, and of course, start a family.

Dalmazio Design first opened as Dalmazio Imports, an exclusive Italian import store in the Brooklyn famous 18th Avenue providing fine giftware, houseware and furniture for the home. With increasing popularity, we began to offer more product from Italian and American brands, becoming a one-stop-shop for all your home's needs and wants.

Dalmazio Imports slowly made its presence in the local wedding business when it began offering the Italian "bomboniera," or a small box or plate containing "bonbons," otherwise known as candies and in the Italian culture "confetti." The Italian confetti tradition and its true significance is as follows:

Since the early 17th century, "confetti" (Jordan almonds) have been given out to guests on special occasions as a symbol of the complexity of life... the almond or dark chocolate filling represents the bitter times and the sugar coating represents the sweeter times. Both are moments we share with our most intimate family and close friends.
The number of confetti is also significant for an odd number is difficult to divide as is a united family.

Aside from the Italian confetti, Dalmazio Imports began selling fine gift favors for hosts give to their guests on special occasions such as weddings and Christenings. This is when the design side of the business was born.

Sandra Dalmazio began working at the family business at the age of 15. She had an interest in design and had a keen eye for creativity. At around 19, she created invitation books to offer to clients who wanted to make their wedding invitations at Dalmazio Imports. She further expanded her creative knowledge by attending Pratt Institute, studying industrial design and learning how to make the beautiful centerpieces she makes today. By this point in time, Dalmazio Imports had moved over to West 6th Street and had become a an all-in-one shop for Italian imports, giftware, houseware, furniture, invitations and event design.

Towards the end of the 1990's, Sandra had now fully taken over the family business with her husband, Roberto, and continued to expand the business by creating partnerships and offering more product from exclusive brands. The design side of the business took off and we were now offering invitations and event design services for any kind of event - from weddings and sweet sixteens to family get-togethers, Bar Mitzvahs, bridal showers and more...

In 2012, Dalmazio Imports' West 6th Street location had a devastating fire and although it hindered business shortly, that did not stop Dalmazio Imports. We moved to a temporary location in Avenue U, staying there for almost five years while we searched for a bigger, more exclusive location to fit everything we offer.

In 2016, we finally relocated close to our roots in our new beautiful location in Avenue P, which is now Dalmazio's permanent home.

After over 35 years as an Italian import and design business, Dalmazio Imports had taken a new course as we grew with loyal customers, changing technology, and a new wave of products from both Dalmazio and our vendors. In 2017, we rebranded the business as Dalmazio Design.

So why Dalmazio Design? After years of evolving, our main service today is to design your next memorable event, your new home, your office, your invitation, your fine personalized gifts and more! While our image may have moderately changed, we want to highlight that Dalmazio Design still provides the same excellent products and service we have provided since our inception, while continuously partnering with more vendors for our fine home and giftware collection.

Family and the immigrant tradition of good work ethic has always been at the center of our business. We have provided personalized service to our long-time customers of the Brooklyn area and beyond and we will continue to do so per sempre.