Le Cadeaux
Le Cadeaux was founded in 2002 back when the only melamine on the market was thin and basic white (think airplane food plates) and the seed for luxury and fashionable melamine was not yet planted. The founder who owned a french homewares and tabletop store at the time in Los Angeles had a beautiful vision that there were passionate entertainers who aspired to dress their outdoor tables and set the mood for their poolside parties with the same wow factor as their indoor gatherings yet feared their beautiful European ceramic tableware might be shattered by an enthusiastic yet clumsy guest! With this strong creative vision firmly in mind, he set about to have a collection of beautiful heavy weight melamine that would have the look and feel of real ceramic with designs inspired by the french and Italian countryside. The collections were instantly embraced by consumers, and “well known” upscale home and kitchen retail chains began to call to request this pioneer of better melamine create new collection for their stores. The luxury melamine market was born and in the founder’s own words“ I took a basic and made it fashion”…